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Congratulations on a great season…

SP Boys Conf Champs

Sauk Praire Strikers Soccer Club congratulates our Varsity Boys Sauk Priaire Eagles soccer on an impressive, title-sharing season.  Thanks to the players and coaching staff for making 2014 a season of success.
(photo courtesy of The Sauk Prairie Eagle)

10/16 Regional Final result:

SP Regional Final
Box score from the WI State Jounal



Papa Murphy's

Sauk Prairie Strikers has a great opportunity to fundraise through the sale of Papa Murphy’s cards.  Families should have the cards in their possession.  If there are further questions, please contact Rhonda Fauerbach at: rtglfauerbach@gmail.com

FAQ’s on the fundraiser:

1.  Is there an expiration date on the cards?
No, they do not expire
2.  Where can they be used?
Although the owners of the stores own Reedsburg and Sauk Prairie stores only, we have contacted several other stores and they have stated they will take the coupons.  One store stated, “If it says Papa Murphy’s, the store should take it.”  It’s a matter of whether the owner wants to send the coupon in for reimbursement. 
3.  What if I want more cards?
Contact Rhonda Fauerbach at rtglfauerbach@gmail.com
4.  What if my son/daughter didn’t bring an envelope home?
OOPS!  Rhonda is human, contact her and she’ll get you cards right away.